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    How To Train For Ride London 2020

    How To Train For Ride London 2020

    So... you got into Ride London 2020? This news will have left you feeling one of two ways. If you're a regular cyclist, a confirmed MAMIL, or someone who throws themselves into challenges like this all the time, you're probably quite excited. If you're new to cycling, or you know, a normal person, then you might be bricking it right about now!

    Well, we are here to ease your worried minds, and to help you to train for Ride London. Because having a great big 100 mile shadow loom over your entire summer can be a bit of a bummer if you let it, and you really don't need to. Yes it will be difficult, and it's very easy for us to tell you not to worry about it*, but with a few helpful tips and the right training, you will be ready for Ride London. 

    *The reason we can say don't worry about it is we've watched hundreds of very beginner cyclists go from 0 to 100 miles before Ride London. Joining us as complete beginners, going on to complete the ride in 6-8 hours. Our favourite is Mel (below), who couldn't even ride a bike in March 2018, and went on complete Ride London that July in 6.5 hours. Believe us, It can be done!

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