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    Introducing - Dirty Wknd Club Membership

    Introducing - Dirty Wknd Club Membership

    Join The Cycling Club That's Truly For Everyone!

    We are incredibly pleased to announce that our new Club Membership is live on the website! Members will be able to benefit from incredible discounts from our partners, including Queen of the Mountains, Yellow Jersey Insurance and On Your Bike, with many more in the pipeline to join. Members will be sent a membership package when they sign up, including discount codes and 'membership e-card' to flash in partner stores (below).

    Dirty Wknd Membership Card

    Along with exclusive access to these awesome cycling brands, members will also have access to free club rides, discounts on day trips and wknds away, as well as club kit (coming soon). Going forward, weekly club rides will be £3 each to non members, with the first ride still being free for new joiners.

    We're not charging for rides in order to just make money, and certainly not to put barriers in the way of people joining; but rather so we can expand our community of riders and offer more rides and events to our members.

    Dirty Wknd Group cycle rides in London

    With paid memberships we can put on more events, including more beginner rides to grow the community and more days out/trips (London to Brighton, London to Cambridge etc.) and more wknds like London to Paris.  

    We absolutely love that all types of cyclists are able to to come to us and enjoy a ride; from people with little to no experience to those who have been riding for years. We are the club for everyone and we hope that this exciting development will not only ensure this continues, but help us to grow faster and to reach more people and help them get out on the road too! 

    To see all of the details and to sign up to Club Membership please Click Here

    As ever we are always want your feedback, so if you have any please Email Us and let us know your thoughts. We will always get back to you!

    Dirty Wknd Cycling Logo

    Dirty Wknd Ride Leader Profile - Oli Crosby

    Dirty Wknd Ride Leader Profile - Oli Crosby

    As we begin to introduce 'guest' ride leaders into our weekly group rides, we thought you deserved to know something about the people who are going to be leading you around the lanes, hills and descents of London.

    First up is Oli, who is leading this Sunday's Surrey 100 training ride (details and sign up here). As someone who will complete his third Ride London this year, he is well placed to offer good advice on the ride and cycling in general!

    Vital Stats.

    Name: Oliver Crosby
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Max Power Output: 750watts (probably)
    Max Speed: 72kmph (on the decent of Wells hill in Kent)

    Current Bike: Pinarello FP Due. He's called 'Frankel' after the undefeated race horse. He's a beauty - he does everything I ask of him. I think he probably gets a bit frustrated with me at times, but he doesn't show it. A pleasure to ride.

    Dream bike: I love my own Pinarello, so it would have to be Froomey's Pinarello Dogma F8 Xlight

    Dirty Wknd Ride Leader Profile


    Notable Wins/Performances: none of note... 

    Notable Rides: London to Loire Valley (2013), London to Bordeaux (2014), Ride London Surrey 100 (2014, 2015, 2016) - I love riding ride London on the closed roads, but it's not quite cycling through vineyards for hours in the South of France in the blazing sunshine though!

    Favourite London Climb: Toys Hill, Kent. A real climb - nice and long, starting off gently but kicking up to around 18% in the middle, before levelling out but not stopping! Really tests your legs and your lungs!

    Favourite Ever Climb?: The Koppenberg, Belgium - I've only done it once but had to put my foot down.  After riding all day on the pan flat roads of Belgium to get there, having forgotten what hills are, you come to a gradient which hikes up to around 23% in places...over cobbles...with moss all over the cobbles...and grass in-between the cobbles! That all means you can't get out your saddle or you lose all friction with your back wheel and the road.  You just have to sit up, lean back into your seat to get the weight over your back wheel, and embrace the wheel spin as you climb. Bonkers! The pros make it look so easy...well, easier anyway.

    Join a Group Ride in London

    Pro/Fantasy Cycling.

    Current Favourite Rider: Geraint Thomas - all round funny guy. Always got something witty to say and a loyal servant to Froomey. Rides hard!

    Favourite All Time Rider: In 5 years time I'll say Sir Chris Froome (although 5 years ago I'd have said someone else...).  Until then I'd have to go with Eddy Merckx based on his records....you don't fluke 11 grand tour victories.

    What position would you take in a pro cycling team?: Super domestique/Sprinter. I'm loyal and heavy! 

    Who would be your perfect pro team (with you as team leader)?: Luke Rowe (he knows how to keep you up front in a peloton); Ian Stannard (can I have Rowe without Standard? I think they come as a pair); Jens Voigt (superman); David Miller (great bloke - knows how to stay out front); Steve Cummings (so strong and knows how to read a break); Geraint Thomas (been Froome's domestique for a few years now so knows what he's doing); Peter Sagan (just because he would make me laugh and he's so weird!); Rafael Majka (he's shown what a strong rider he is; he's polish so staying true to my roots); Directeur Sportif: Dave Brailsford (the marginal gains man - revolutionised cycling).

    Why Do You Ride.

    How and When did you get into cycling?: I used to cycle to school in the summer on my mountain bike, as fast as I could. I then didn't really cycle at all until I was about 21 and finished university, and started cycling to work.  That progressed into touring holidays in France and started riding sportives when I was around 25. I'm definitely going to be riding long into my twilight years.

    What's your favourite thing about cycling?: I love the summer and being outdoors in general, but I love the journeys you can make on a bike.  It's like going for a walk but you can cover 50x the distance. I also love the feeling of the hum of the mechanics of a bike as you ride. There's no greater feeling than flying down a dead flat road at 40kmph tucked in behind your favourite domestique (in my case, my brother)!  I also love the psychology of sport in general, and nowhere is that more apparent than in cycling. Being in a happy state of mind in the sun as you get to the top of a hill with the wind at your back, having just smashed your best time on Strava, versus riding up an impossible climb into a headwind in the driving rain on a freezing cold day - it could easily be considered two separate sports. I like that - I like the show of mental toughness that it takes to stay in your happy place on those dark, dark winter cycling days!

    What's the best piece of advice you've given to new cyclists?: Eat before you're hungry, because there is no worse feeling than dropping off that cliff. Stick at it and be mentally tough; stay in your happy place, because it makes it a lot more fun to be out on the bike, and makes a big difference to your performance. Most of all when you start cycling don't expect to wake up in 6 weeks time and for cycling to suddenly be painless - "It never gets easier, you just get faster" - Greg LeMond

    If you want to learn more about Oli then come along on Sunday and ask him everything you can think of about cycling over the 100km ride! Ride Details

    Top Tips for Ride London Surrey 100 Beginners!

    Top Tips for Ride London Surrey 100 Beginners!

    The Prudential Ride London Sportive is the biggest, most famous and most sought after sportive in the country, if not the world. Just ask the thousands of people who miss out on the 20,000 odd ballot places every year - competition for a spot is fierce!

    If you were one of the lucky ones this year then congratulations; now you've just got the pleasure (or pain, depending on how much training you've done) of 100 miles around the Surrey Hills to contend with. If you've ridden the course before then you will know what to expect, and will likely be trying to better your time from previous years - we wish you luck and hope you have an enjoyable day. If you have not taken part before; if you are a Surrey 100 virgin, then you'll find below some tips from us (three time veterans) and some of our twitter followers who kindly chipped in with their tips. How quickly you get around the course will not only depend on how much training you've done, but also how prepared you are and, often overlooked, how much you enjoy the ride! We hope our tips help you to enjoy the day!

    Read more

    Dirty Wknd News - 1st June 2016

    Dirty Wknd News - 1st June 2016

    Ride London 2 Brighton With Us - Sat 18th June!

    London 2 Brighton is one of the most famous UK cycling challenges you can undertake and is certainly something that needs to be ticked off your cycling 'bucket list'! There are a few more logistics to sort out than your average saturday spin so why not let us organise all the details for you? Including a professionally led ride, curated route and train ticket back (inc. bike). Chuck in a pub/fish a chip lunch on the seaside and you've got a pretty good day out! click the link here for all details and to sign up - Click Here

    Ride With Us - Upcoming Ride Info!

    Dirty Wknd London Bike Rides

    We've been so privileged to lead some amazing group rides over the last few months and things are going from strength to strength; as shown by Saturday's Box Hill Ride (details below). We've got some amazing rides coming up, starting with our Windsor ride this Sunday, led by local cycling blogger and expert Wlondoncycling. Then we've got our Tuesday climbing school and Wednesday Evening Essex Spin if you're wknds are already booked up, rounded off by a mega Surrey Hills Ride on Sat 11th - again with Wlondoncycling and UK CycleChat. Perfect practise for Surrey 100 entrants, as it takes in almost all of the main Surrey Hills on the route! For all ride details and to sign up - Click Here

    Your Next Wknd Away!

    A cycling Wknd in the Peak District

    We'd love to take you away and show you some of our favourite places in the UK to cycle! Our Wknds away are open to all abilities of cyclist with grouped rides on Saturday and Sunday to suit all levels. After the rides we will organise some group activities to do in the local area, or you can head off and explore on your own - it's totally up to you! Check out what we've got on offer by clicking the link below. Spaces already being snapped up so don't delay in booking yours - Click Here

    Route Of The Week!

    Dirty Wknd Box Hill Cycle Route

    Box Hill is one of the 'must do' climbs in the South of England and, as our hardy group found out last Saturday, it's an absolute joy of perfect tarmac, lovely views and excellent cake at the top! However it can be tricky to find a good route to Box as most approaches mean riding down long stretches of busy A roads. After much strava-geekery and research we've curated what we think is the Perfect Route to Box Hill and we'd love you to download it and have a go! All our routes can be found on our Route Database; they are free to use and we'd love to hear your feedback and see the photos of your ride. 

    Photos of Last Week's Box Hill Ride!

    Dirty Wknd Facebook Photos

    Check out the photos from our awesome Box Hill ride on Saturday and tag yourself if you were there. Whilst you're at it, give us a like on Facebook to see more photos, updates and giveaways! Click Here

     Video Blog: Do You Need To Upgrade Your Wheels?

    GCN Cycling Blog

    One of the Most common questions we get asked out on a ride is what upgrades are best to buy for your road bike. Whilst we here at Dirty Wknd subscribe to the Eddy Merckx view ("Don't buy upgrades; ride upgrades") it is almost overwhelmingly universal truth that upgrading your wheels is the best thing you can do to improve your bike. So if you've been thinking about upgrading, click this link to watch the GCN video blog on exactly why wheels make such a difference. We also really recommend subscribing to their Youtube channel as well; their videos on maintenance, kit reviews and training tips are the best around. If you're more old school and like to read things then check out this Cycling Weekly article about the ins and outs of wheels, including their list of top wheel buys - Read Here

    Join GTP on their Swiss Tour D' France Cycling Holiday!

    Cycling in Switzerland

    The Giro is over, Long live Le Tour! Grand Tours Project had huge success with their Giro getaways in Italy recently, with a great group of riders getting to ride whole stages of the Giro, and then watch Nibali and co. cross the line in the mountains. From the Giro we move onto the Tour De France, and GTP have got an epic holiday package to delight any cyclist! Starting on the 16th July, this 8 day trip includes riding all of stage 17 of the tour in Bern, watching 2 stage finishes and riding multiple alpine passes in the Swiss Alps, Holidays don't get better than that! View the details and sign up here - Click Here

    Dirty Wknd Cycling Wknds



    Dirty Wknd News 25th May

    Dirty Wknd News 25th May

    Join us on our next Dirty Wknd Away!

    There is little better than getting out of work on a Friday evening (or ideally, lunchtime) and hopping on a train or into your car and heading away for the wknd! This is our favourite thing to do, and we hope that you'll join us for one of our upcoming wknds? Click the link below to see available wknds in Bath, Oxford and The Peaks. Join a Dirty Wknd Away!

    Ride a Sportive as part of Team Dirty Wknd!

    Chilterns Classic Sportive

    Just 25 minutes from London on the train, the Chiltern Classic is one of the most accessible sportives near the capital, and thankfully one of the most beautiful too! Join us for a great day's cycling as a group and a pub lunch after the ride, before heading back to London together. Click the link for full details and event sign up - Chilterns Classic Sportive

    Ride London training ride with WLondonCycling + UKCycleChat!

    Dirty Wknd 'The One' Surrey Hills Ride

    WLondonCycling.com are an authority on the Surrey Hills area, so we're incredibly pleased to be riding with them on the 11th of June on this mammoth route! At 58 miles and with 6700 feet of climbing, it's the perfect route for anyone entered into the Surrey 100 looking to practise the best of the hills. If that's you, or if you just want to test yourself against some monster climbs, then come along for an epic ride! Ride Details

    Watch a night of bike racing in central London for free!

    Nocturne London Dirty Wknd Blog

    London Nocturne is one of the coolest nights on the calendar and this year it turns 10 years old so you can expect an even more spectacular night than usual! Tickets are free with plenty of good viewing spots on a circuit that winds around the heart of the city, The programme of events start at 4pm with amateur and fun races (penny farthing racing anyone) and ending with the elite race at 8:45. Check out the details and come along - London Nocturne

    Blog Post - How to increase your Mileage without Breaking Yourself!

    Blog Post - How to up your Milage

    As sportive season is just around the corner you might be starting to up your mileage in preparation for a big ride! This is an exciting time, particularly if you've never ridden a really big ride before; however there can be pitfalls in upping your mileage too fast or too severely. Injuries can be common as your body can't cope with the sudden stress. If you're planning on upping your training, make sure to read this blog first - Click Here

    Dirty Wknd Logo

    Dirty Wknd News 18th May - Introducing Racecheck.com

    Racecheck Dirty Wknd Blog Post

    Racecheck have just launched cycling events on their platform, and we couldn't be happier about it! They opened up the Tri and running event market by not only making it easier to search by event type, distance and location, but by having the participants review and score the event afterwards. So when you're searching for a sportive or race you can now see real testimonials and scores; a definite plus when you're putting your hard earned cash and training into an event. Check out the website and sign up for the service here - Racecheck.com

    This Wknd's Ride Details - Join us for a Ride!

    Dirty Wknd Group Rides

    This wknd we've got two rides going out. Saturday takes out South East into the Kent hills, and Sunday we will set off from Richmond into Surrey for a beginner ride. Following that we have evening rides happening in the week, including Climbing School and a Beginner Ride. Check out all the rides here - Dirty Wknd Rides

    Win Press Passes to Spin London Festival This Wknd!

    Spin London Cycling Festival

    Thanks to The Blogger Programme we've got some press passes to give away to some aspiring bloggers and active social media users who want full access to the festival this wknd. All you have to do is email hello@dirtywknd.com expressing your interest and we'll get back to you with details. Check out what to expect at the festival here - spinldn.com

    Enter The Stratford Tempest Sportive - Make a Wknd of it in Warwick!

    Dirty Wknd in Warwick

    Warwick is a fantastic city to visit, and The Wiggle Stratford Tempest is one of the best sportives in the midlands - so why not combine them both?! Click here to read our blog post on the perfect Dirty Wknd in Warwick, including sportive entry details.

    Vulpine Kit Mega Sample Sale - Up To 80% Off

    Vulpine London Sample Sale

    Vulpine have been lighting up the cycling kit world with their striking designs and performance fabrics; even giving the likes of Rapha a run for their money. However, like Rapha, the kit's not cheap! So it's great news that Vulpine are having a sample sale this wknd in London. With up to 80% off it's definitely worth checking out. Held at the Truman Brewery and opening at 9am on Friday, we'd recommend getting down there early! Details here - Vulpine Sample Sale

    Help Others by Reporting your Cycling Incidents!

    London Cycling Safety

    Whilst much is being done in London and other UK cities, there is always more to do to keep cyclists safe on the road. That's why we're so pleased to announce a new app that easily allows you to report any incidents that occur on the road. They then report that incident to the authorities for you - taking a lot of the hassle out of the process and making the streets safer at the same time! Check out what they're doing, and report any past incidents so they can pass those on too - Collideoscope App

    If you have any feedback on anything we're doing please email hello@dirtywknd.com - we love to hear from you and we love improving even more. Many thanks!

    Dirty Wknd Logo