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    What level of cyclist do you need to be to attend?

    Our rides are open to all levels of cyclist and we operate a 'no drop policy' that means no one will get left behind. We regularly stop and re-group with ride leaders ensuring everyone stays together. If numbers allow, we will split groups into ability/level.

    How fast are the rides?

    We prefer not to allocate a specific speed to our rides, as they are social and open to all levels of cyclist. What generally tends to happen is the group splits naturally, allowing everyone to ride at their level, then regrouping at strategic points along the ride. If you are worried about speed (and lots of people are) then please email us for more information. In the rare instance that we do allocate a speed to a ride (usually because it is intended to be a 'fast' ride) we will make it very clear on the ride details page.

    I'm still not sure about my level?

    If you're still unsure then why not attend one of our 'beginner' rides to meet the group and try it out? Please also email hello@dirtywknd.com or connect with us on social media with any questions you might have and we'll get straight back to you.  

    I'm worried about riding in a group!

    There is always a safety briefing at the beginning of all of our rides where we explain the rules of riding in a group, the different had signals and what you need to look out for. It can be daunting but our group leaders will take special care of you on your first ride. In preparation of your first ride, watch this short video - Click Here

    Is there training available?

    Yes training and tips are available on all our rides, just make sure to ask our ride leader. If you're looking for specific tips on a certain aspect of riding (hills, descents etc.) then please let the ride leader know at the start of the ride.

    What equipment do I need to bring?

    A helmet is mandatory and we also recommend cycling kit (padded shorts, clip in shoes etc) but they are not mandatory. Spare inner tubes, water and energy snacks are all recommended. If you are unsure about kit please email us.

    Please also bring cash (as some of the coffee stops don't take card) and a bank card just in case you have to get a train/taxi home.

    I don't have clip in pedals?

    Clip in pedals are not mandatory, trainers and flat pedals work just fine when you are starting out You are more than welcome to ride with us if you don't have clip in shoes. If you are looking to make the transition to clip in pedals we can also help with that, with tips on what sort to buy, and then helping you get used to them on our beginner rides. Just let us know if this applies to you.

    Can I bring friends?

    Yes absolutely - the more the merrier! Please just make sure they also sign up to the ride on this page.

    Do you have to join as a member to ride?

    There is absolutely no obligation to join as a club member if you don't want to, however if you're intending to ride a lot then it makes sense. Members get free club rides, discounts on trips and kit and discounts from our awesome partner brands. If you just want to come along for rides when you can that's fine too.

    Read Customer & Member reviews

    Click this link to read google reviews from real members and customers and learn about their experiences riding with us - Google Reviews

    Payment options & refunds:

    Club rides (one day events) are all paid for upfront with no deposit. There are no refunds for group rides if you can't make it after signing up, but we are able to transfer the fee as long as you let us know with 48 hours notice.

    Our Weekends & Trips are refundable or transferable as long as you tell us 2 weeks before the start date. Some trips will require a non-refundable deposit. Trips can be paid for in instalments, just email us and we will send through the info.

    Affiliate/partner trips, whilst bought on our website, are subject to the organising company's payment and refund terms. We will try and state them as clearly as possible.

    Any event (club ride or trip) that does not go ahead due to a company change is 100% refundable or transferable.

    Any other questions just email us (or FB msg us below).