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    What is Dirty Wknd? 

    • A community of like minded people who want to get active
    • A platform to find local group rides, runs and sporting events
    • A way to escape the city and get out into nature, filling their lungs with good old fresh air!
    • Head space and time away from your laptop, phone or email
    • Great people to get outside and get active with
    • Help, tips and learning in the sport of your choice
    • A way to learn from fellow members who have been where you are now
    • Social events and interesting talks bespoke for club members
    • Exclusive 10-50% discounts on events, kit, shops, cafes and more
    • Sign up to be a club member here


      Who are we? // The Dirty Wknd Story

      Dirty Wknd was started by David and Emma, and was born out of a desire to escape the city a frustration with the London cycling scene of 2016. If you were a lycra clad, shorn legged, carbon bike equipped experienced cyclist then you were well served. But if you were just starting out, a more 'social' rider or you just wanted to ride for a laugh, then there wasn't much for you.    

      So we created Dirty Wknd for exactly those people - the new, beginner, unsure and a little bit nervous cyclists and runners, who wanted to meet more people like them and get better, but were somehow a bit put off by the available group options. 

      Because we know, and we have seen with so many of our members over the last few years, that being in a group is the key to not only improving, but to having fun whilst doing it. So we started our own group; one that we wanted to be part of, to connect all those wonderful people out there that believed as we did.

      We started  club to help people get out of the city, but one where there was no bullshit or pretence, no barriers to entry or criteria to meet. We just wanted to have a good time, get outside and find great people to do it with. 

      Since 2016 the members of the club have ridden, ran and swam in some amazing places. Whether at the weekly group rides and runs in the countryside or at L'Etape du Tour in the south of France, the group has always been there to support, encourage and have a beer with after. Life is just better when you've got back up.  

      If this community sounds like the kind of thing you want to be part of, then join us. If you have questions then get in touch for a chat. 

      David & Emma

      Founders of Dirty Wknd