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    When you sign up to the club you will be sent a membership package containing your membership card and discount codes so you can start saving right away. Click on the icons below for more details of the brand and the club discounts:

    Bike Servicing in London Queen of the Mountains Viva Velo Cycle Tours
    Yello Jersey Cycling Insurance

    Super Domestique Bike Fit London

    Best Carbon Wheels Under £1000
    Cycling Holidays in Europe Threo Womens Cycling Kit Top 10 Cycling Brands UK
    London Running Club The Dynamo Putney Hire a Bike Box in London
    Personal Training in South West London Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Review


    Sign up to the club membership to receive discounts on all of the above, plus free club rides and money off club kit - Click Here  

    London to Brighton Cycling Ride

    Bike Servicing in London

    Running club in London

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