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    discounted bike boxes

    Get £200 Off A Bonza Bike Box!
    Bonza Bike Box are the new player in the bicycle transportation market and they are shaking things up with their innovative hard shell box. Made from super tough HDPE (High Density Polythene) the Bonza will protect your beloved steed from even the most careless baggage handler!

    Dirty Wknd members get a whopping £200 off these awesome bike boxes! This works out at an amazing 30% off for club members. 

    You can pick the colour of your box and for a small amount more you can customise your box to make it personal to you. Click Here to view the range and buy a bike box.
    This deal is exclusve to Dirty Wknd club members. In order to receive the Bonza Bike Box discount code, as well as many other discounts and offers, you need to become a member. Click this link in order to sign up for the Dirty Wknd Membership.
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