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    Cambridge cycling routes

    Cambridge Road Cycling Route Database!

    Cycling in Cambridge and the surrounding area is a real pleasure. Flat, open country lanes in every direction, it's very easy to get out of the city if you have a great route.  All our routes are tried, tested and continually tweaked, so you can have confidence as you head out on the road.

    If you wish to access many more excellent Cambridge road cycling routes (as well as some great local gravel routes) then join the community and access the members app! Full details and sign up here.

    Click the map icon below for full route description. Click 'export' to download the GPX file to your computer.


    Route Map  Distance  Elevation Rating
    Best cycling route in Cambridge 39km 80m 1/5
    Beginner cycling route in Cambridge 28km 60m 1/5



    Route Map  Distance  Elevation Rating
    Bike route in cambridge 49km 120m 1.5/5
    Cambridgeshire cycling routes 60km 280m 2/5



    Route Map  Distance  Elevation Rating
    East Anglian cycling routes 75km 200m 2.5/5
    Cycling in Cambridge 92km 510m 3/5

    Join the community for just £3.25 per month and you'll have access to loads more, regularly updated Cambridge cycling routes. The above is just a taster of our best routes!

    Not only do you get access to great routes, club members get loads of other perks too with access to our members app, like 10-50% off with our partner brands. Full details here