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    Dirty Wknd FAQs

    It can be daunting joining a new cycling or running group, so we've put together some FAQs to help you find out a bit more about joining. Scroll down for Cycling and Running specific FAQs. If the below info doesn't answer your questions then you can always email us or live chat (below). 

    Can anyone join the Dirty Wknd community?

    In short, yes. We are open to all, and we try and encourage everyone to join. We have rides, runs and other events for all levels from, complete beginner to experienced athletes. 

    We always stipulate the level of the event in the details nice and clearly so you know what you're signing up to. Where we can we create multiple groups so everyone is catered for and happy. All events (unless clearly stated) are 'no drop' meaning everyone gets looked after and won't be left behind. We have different event 'levels' that are grouped by colour (like a ski resort) - more info on that below.

    Is Dirty Wknd mixed sex and female friendly? 

    We are big believers in equality in sport, so strive for all our events to have a 50/50 gender split. We don't run single sex events (i.e women's only cycling events) as we believe equality will be reached by getting all sexes on board, not by segregation. 

    However we do currently have an 60% female to 40% male split in our community, which we're very proud of. So yes, Dirty Wknd is mixed sex and very female friendly. The only time we're not mixed sex is when an event happens to be all female, but that's not by design, just because there are loads of badass women in the group! 

    Can I try an event before I join the community?

    Yes you can. Just check out our 'new joiner events' which are free and open to all. There are rides and runs for all levels so you can come along and meet the community, get a feel for the levels and ask any questions you want to.

    New joiner events are completely free and a great place to start. Click Here for full info and to sign up.

    How does the membership work?

    To become a member you need to join the community. It costs just £39 for the whole year. As a member you get access to the members app where you can find rides and runs, suggest events, chat to members as well as loads more. You can also access the member 10-50% discount codes from our awesome partners.

    Is there a trial period?

    Yes - all new members get a 7 day free trial  upon signing up. You won't be charged for 7 days so you can try out the community. If you wish to cancel within the 7 day trial then you just need to email us and we'll sort that out.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel within the 7 day trial period no problem. After 7 days you will be a member for a year. The membership rolling so you will be charged every year on the same date for the following year. If you don't wish for this to happen you can email and we'll stop that from happening.

    Where is Dirty Wknd based?

    We are not based in one place, but all over the city. Most clubs have an area that they stick to, often using the same old tired routes. We don't want to limit ourselves to just one area, and love exploring new places to ride and run all over the city. Therefore we have multiple 'clubhouses', with different rides and runs departing from each clubhouse (going in the relevant direction) every weekend. So wherever you're based, we've got an event for you.

    Click this link to read google reviews from real members and customers and learn about their experiences riding with us - Google Reviews

    For specific questions about cycling or running events click below. Any other questions then email us or jump on live chat (below).


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