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    Sungod cycling sunglasses for women

    SunGod: Adventureproof® Sunglasses For Athletes - 10% off for members for next 48 hours!

    SunGod are shaking up the sunglasses market with their high performance, adventure proof sunglasses and we're incredibly proud to be partnering up with them to bring our members exclusive offers throughout the year. For the next 48 hours you can get 10% off as a member. Log into the Members Area to access  the code and design your pair!

    Fully customisable, 100% UV protected and with a lifetime guarantee, SunGod sunglasses are perfect for your adventurous lifestyle. There are 3 styles (below) for you to chose from and customise, all equipped with the highest spec and loads of technical wizardry - like Adventureproof® flexible frames and polarised (removable) lenses.

    You can check out the different styles below and click on the links to read the full specs and start designing your own glasses! Don't forget that Dirty Wknd club members will get access to exclusive offers at certain points throughout the year. If you're not a member yet then please - Click Here.

    SunGod PaceBreaker

    Alternative to oakleys

    The PaceBreaker is the ultimate option for athletic use - with an enhanced field of vision you have an unobstructed view of the road ahead, as well as 100% UV protection and an Adventureproof® frame. Optical clarity, enhanced depth perception and snap lock hinges (easier to put on/take off on the move) make the PaceBreaker the ultimate cycling frame out there. Read the full product spec and start customising your new pair - Click Here.

     SunGod Renegade



    cool cycling sunglasses




    All of the awesome tech above (apart from the enhanced field of view) can be found in the Renegade, along with a more relaxed style that looks as cool on the bike as it does in the cafe or pub! These lightweight glasses come with 4KO Pace lenses that offer enhanced clarity and contrast, so they will perform whether your on the road or the beach! Full details and customisation here.

    SunGod Classics²

    discounted designer sunglasses

    Want a classic style of sunglasses but with the performance gains of a more 'sporty' looking frame? The Classics² is the perfect frame for you - featuring the same high performance spec as its cousins above, but with a frame style that wouldn't look out of place in the Blues Brothers! Check out the full details and order yours by clicking here.


    Whatever your style there's a SunGod for you - and you can stamp your own personality on your sunglasses even further in the customisation area. To check out all the details and start building your dreams sunnies just Click Here.

    To be come a Dirty Wknd club member and get 10% off (next 48 hours only) on SunGod sunglasses then click this link - Club Membership.

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