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    Haute Route Discount Code

    Get 10% Off Haute Route As A Dirty Wknd Club Member!

    Haute Route is the biggest and most prestigious amateur cycling event in the world and we are incredibly pleased to partner with them to offer 10% off all Haute Route events for club members.

    Haute Route is the most 'professional' cycling experience us everyday cyclists can hope for, with fully timed stages/days, support vehicles and motorcycle outriders, as well as full Haute Route kit for each rider. Add to that locally sourced hotels, meals and a post ride massage every day, and you've got the perfect cycling trip!

    We are very proud to be working with Haute Route to promote many seven and three day trips in 2019. You can ride three sides of Ventoux over 3 days (a classic cycling challenge), spend 7 days in the alps or take on the Dolomites - the possibilities are endless. Click Here to view all 2019 trips
    The club member 10% discount code applies to all Haute Route events around the world. Whether that's a 7 day trip to The Alps or a 3 day ride in San Fransisco, you'll still get 10% off. 

    Dirty Wknd club members just need to log into the 'Members App' to access the discount code before signing up on the Haute Route website. Not a member yet? Sign up for the membership (£39) to access this discount as well as all our other partner discounts - Click Here.

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