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     cycling cafe north London

    Get 10% Off In Our North London Clubhouse!

    If a Dutchman and a Colombian run a coffee shop you can be sure of two things; great coffee and a rich cycling pedigree. Sounds like exactly our kind of place. The fact that it's located at the foot of a Alexandra Palace, a famous London climb, is an added bonus.

    We're very pleased to have Velaquez van Wezel as our North London clubhouse and partner, and members can now get 10% off all products. Not only that but we can leave bags in the cafe when we ride, making your hill rep sessions way more pleasurable.

    Our regular Wednesday AM Ally Pally Hill Reps are made all the better by our partnership with VvW. We leave our bags in the cafe whilst we ride, and return to pick them up and to drink great coffee. Weekend rides going East and North also start and end at the cafe. 

    Members can get 10% off throughout the week. You just need to log into the members area to access the discount. If you're not a member yet you can find out all the info and join the club here.

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