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     veloforte discount code

    Get 15-25% Off With Veloforte Energy Bars

    Veloforte make premium energy products filled with natural ingredients that don't taste like they're stuffed with artificial rubbish. Dirty Wknd club members can now get 25% off their 1st purchase, and then 15% off everything after that (as well as free shipping). 

    Veloforte believe that real food is the best source of energy, so their bars and bits are handmade with 100% natural, performance enhancing carbs, essential proteins & fibre. They are also the only nutrition products to have ever won the prestigious Great Taste Awards. 

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    Veloforte is based on an ancient Italian fortifier…Panforte. A delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices and a speciality of Siena in Tuscany. Panforte was used by Roman legions as fuel to sustain their long marches. If it's good enough for them...

    The team behind Veloforte are also avid cyclists and trained chefs who believe in long rides, good natural sustenance and great taste. Fuelling your ride and keeping you happy and healthy is their number one mission. Get 15% off all Veloforte products and free delivery as a club member.

    Existing club members can log into the Members Area to access the discount code. If you're not yet a club member, you can sign up here to access this discount as well as loads more.

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