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    Become A #Wahooligan With The Best Bike Tech On The Market!

    We're very pleased to announce Wahoo as our official tech partner. From GPS devices to heart rate monitors, with smart turbo trainers in between; Wahoo are making fitness tech easy to use and more affordable. You can now buy Wahoo products through the Dirty Wknd website - just click here.

    As official partners you will be able to buy products through the website (see below), as well as test out Wahoo products at our regular demo events. The next 'demo day' is our Wahoo Smart Turbo Trainer info evening in early 2019. These exclusive events are a great chance to try before you buy, meet the Wahoo team and ask questions about the products.

    Wahoo turbo trainer test

    Wahoo Smart Trainers:

    The Wahoo KICKR & KICKR SNAP turbo trainers are leading the field in easy to use, well connected and affordable smart trainers. If you don't use a turbo trainer then the Wahoo offering is a great way to get into it - the Iphone/Android app make it super easy to get started.  

    To shop for Wahoo smart trainers you can click this link. If you have any questions about turbo trainers please just email us (or message us below).

    Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Unit:

    We're incredibly pleased to be official 'Wahooligans' having switched to the Wahoo ELEMNT from Garmin. We noticed a massive difference right away - the battery lasts longer, the maps are easier to read and the connectivity to your phone means that it's way more user friendly.

    To shop for Wahoo ELEMNT units you can click this link. If you have any questions about the GPS head unit please just email us (or message us on Facebook below) 

    Wahoo Bolt Review

    Cycling Weekly has called the Wahoo software "probably the best out there" and "better value, with a better battery life" than Garmin equivalents. Road CC also praised the ELEMNT's "strong Strava integration and use of LEDs" (you can easily set up live Strava segments and the LEDs help you to navigate). 

    Official Wahooligans

    Whilst Dirty Wknd members don't get a discount on Wahoo products (there are no discounts anywhere), Dirty Wknd does receive a small percentage of sales as commission. This is reinvested back into the club for events, rides and trips. So if you buy through us you're helping to grow the club - which is surely better than filling Mr Wiggle's pockets! To shop through our site please click here.

    Club members also get 1st refusal for exclusive test days and product rides. You too can become a Wahooholigan and start using this awesome kit! If you wish to know more about becoming a member, please Click Here. If you have any questions about membership then get in touch.

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