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    Join a cycling club London

    Get 50% Off British Cycling Membership

    As an affiliated British Cycling club, Dirty Wknd members get 50% off membership to the national governing body. In order to get the full 50% off you need to be a DW member without an existing BC membership. If you have an existing membership, you can get 10% off renewals and future memberships.

    British Cycling club membership comes with public liability insurance and legal help, should the worst happen whilst you're commuting and riding. This piece of mind is invaluable, especially when riding on busy city streets. The recent case of Robert Hazledean, the cyclist who was ordered to pay £100,000 after a collision, has highlighted the need for public liability insurance. Were Hazledean a British Cycling member, he would have been covered for this.

    Not only does British Cycling membership afford you some cover, you also get 10% off at Halfords and £10 off at Chain Reaction Cycles. Whether you want to a race membership or a ride membership, you can get 50% off as  a DW member. 

    Members can log into the 'Members Forum/App' to access the discount code. Non-members can join the community to access this amazing discount, alongside loads of club activities and other discounts.
    British cycling club London
    Cycling club in London