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    beginner cycling in London

    Get 15% Off TRIBE Booster Packs!

    TRIBE are the UK’s leading natural performance nutrition brand and athletic community, founded off the back of a 1000 mile run across Eastern Europe, and we're thrilled to be working with them. Club members can now get 15% off TRIBE packs

    Frustrated by the quality of the existing sports nutrition market they saw the need for a brand to create completely natural performance products - ones free from preservatives, refined sugars and un-natural ingredients. They set out to develop a range of energy and recovery products made from natural wholefoods, formulated to provide key nutrients pre & post workout.

    TRIBE have 25 products across six different ranges including energy bars, protein recovery bars, protein shakes and a brand new hydration drink, and you can get 15% off!!

    TRIBE have partnered with Dirty Wknd to give you the exclusive chance to fuel your training with 15% off off all TRIBE Booster Packs. TRIBE Booster Packs contain between 12-18 products. You can choose a pre-built pack or completely custom build your own to suit your own training needs.

    Members just need to enter the unique Dirty Wknd code on the TRIBE website (at checkout). The code can be found in the 'Members Area'. Not a member but want this awesome discount? Join the club to get this and many more discounts. 

    tribe running community London

    TRIBE Events

    As well as awesome nutrition, the TRIBE community also run some of the best running and hiking events in London and further afield. You can seesome of these events below:

    Tuesday Evening Tempo Runs - 6:45pm - 7:46pm

    TRIBE x Challenge Sophie Pembrokeshire Wknd: 1st - 3rd June

    More coming very soon....

    Discounted tribe products

    tribe running club

    Tribe cycling events London

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