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    indoor cycling class London

    Get 15% Off Digme Fitness Classes

    Digme Fitness (named after the beach in Hawaii where the Ironman world champs start) are bringing indoor cycling into the main stream. Far more advanced than your average spin class but still focusing on fun, community and intense training; it's the best of both worlds.

    Dirty Wknd members get 15% off all classes at all studios (Moorgate, Blackfriars, Rathbone Place, Richmond and Oxford). The member discount code works on all credit purchases, so whether you want to try out the 'taster session' or buy 10 classes, you'll get 15% off!

    Cycling studio London

    There are loads of classes throughout the week and weekend at all studios; whether you're an early bird, lunch time exerciser or a night owl - Digme has you covered. Classes range from 'Performance' to'Ride' to 'Beat', with expert instructors overseeing all classes and really pushing your limits. The Performance class is numbers focused, with a real emphasis on the power and cadence metres of the Keiser bikes. The Beat class is a chance to let the music carry you along as you sweat your way to greater fitness! The Ride class is a happy mixture of both!
    Digme cycling classes London

    All classes are conducted in a community spirit ensuring everyone improves together. Digme focus on team efforts and enjoying exercising in a group, which is one of the reasons we're so pleased to be working wth them. Whether you're doing a Performance or Beat class, the professional instructors and team atmosphere will make sure you get the best from your workout. We took part in one of the Ride classes - check out our blog HERE.

    Not only do members get 15% off the cycling classes, you can also take part in Digme's Matrix class - a strength and conditioning session (below) that is designed to perfectly compliment your cycling fitness. Because it's not about cycling ALL the time ;)

    Hiit class moorgate

    Complimentary shoes and towels, as well as cowshed products in the changing rooms mean you only need to turn up in gym kit/shorts and jersey - perfect for the before and after work (or lunchtime) classes.

    Dirty Wknd + Digme Fitness will be celebrating their partnership with a free introductory class. Come along and try out a Ride class, see what you think of the set up and meet the team. Details coming soon!

    To become a club member and make use of the discount right away, please click on the link below and sign up - Dirty Wknd Club Membership

    Digme indoor cycling classes
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