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    how to clean you bike

    Get 10% Off Ride Clean - The Mobile Bike Cleaning Service

    Cleaning your bike is neither fun nor easy, especially if you live in London. Not only that, but what do you do if you don't really know how to clean it properly anyway? That is why Ride Clean CC has come into being - to take away the hassle of keeping your machine clean. Dirty Wknd club members can now get 10% off with Ride Clean.

    Club members can log into the Members Area to access the discount code and to book a clean. The Ride Clean team will also be coming along to regular club rides where you will be able to give your bike to the team, who will clean it whilst you eat pizza and drink beer post ride. How's the for service? Keep an eye out on the members forum for details of the next evening.

    What's included and why should you get someone else to clean your bike? Because it's a pain, mostly, but also because the Ride Clean team are trained mechanics, meaning that they can give your bike a 'health check' whilst cleaning it and let you know if anything needs fixing/updating or changing. 

    To access this awesome deal you need to be a club member. You can join the club by clicking this link. If you're already a member just sign in to the members area.

    Bike cleaning services in London

    About Ride Clean CC

    Katy Miller set up Ride Clean after returning from a year riding and living in the Italian mountains as a cycling guide. With loads of space to clean her bike, things were a doddle. However, once back in London in a typical small flat, things became quite different.

    Katy is a London cyclists and after speaking to many rider friends, it became clear that this was a city wide problem. Whether people were cleaning their bikes in the bath, making do with wet wipes or just not cleaning it all, a mobile bike cleaning service was needed!

    You can read an interview with Katy, and find out all about Ride Clean by clicking here.

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