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    discounted cycling kit

    10% Off Attacus Cycling Kit And Leisure Wear

    With their 'No Rules, Just Ride' mantra, Attacus are a cycling kit company that share our ethos and values! Founded in London by Emily and Jimmi, Attacus have had a major overhaul for 2018 with 10 (that's right, 10) new jersey lines to choose from. 

    Dirty Wknd club members can now get 10% off Attacus kit. The 'Sweet Spot' range is so called because it strikes the perfect balance between function, form and cost. With 10 jersey designs to choose from, in both female and male cut, there's a different look for practically every ride.

    Read more about the 2018 line in this release - Click Here

    Access this membership discount by becoming a club member. As well as 10% off Attacus kit, members get free group rides & discounts with loads of other partners. Click Here to find out more and to sign up.

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