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    London group ride

    Become A Ride Leader And Help To Grow The Club

    Our club leaders are the reason Dirty Wknd is such a wonderful place for people to meet, join a group activity and feel welcome no matter their level or background. It's one of the things we're most proud of about the club, and something we want to grow and nurture to encourage more people to get involved. The more leaders we have, the bigger and cooler events we can put on!

    We're always looking for more leaders to help us grow the club and spread the word. Whether you're a cyclist or a runner, a beginner or a pro, you can help others to be more active and fall in love with being outdoors.

    Club Leader Details:

    • You tell us when and where you want to lead & ride
    • Extra discount on partner brands like Jam Cycling + others
    • Extra discounts on club kit
    • Represent the club at exclusive cycling events (Bike Show etc.)
    • Get paid for help with corporate events
    • Full training & support provided
    • Ride leader insurance provided
    • Help encourage others to ride, run and swim
    • 'Club Leader' profile on the website
    • Access to club trips in the UK & abroad as a leader

    So if you're interested in being a ride/club leader you just need to Email Us with details of where you live and what you want to lead (rides/runs/swims etc.) We'll then set everything up for you including training.

    This is UK wide and open to everyone - if you live in London, Leicester or Leith (and everywhere in between) we want to hear from you.

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