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    East London Cycling Routes

    East London and Essex offer flat and fast routes, perfect for anyone looking for a quick spin or to increase their mileage with few challenging hills. All of our East London routes start at Hex Cycling in Shoreditch and head out towards Essex before returning to Hex. 

    Click the map icon below for full route description. Click 'export' to download the GPX file to your computer. Watch this video for how to upload the GPX onto your Garmin.


    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Shoreditch to Essex Beginner Cycling Route 40km (25miles) 350m 1/5 Beginners looking to build confidence.
    Dirty Wknd Development Ride 46km (28miles) 400m 1/5 Beginners looking to improve
    Dirty Wknd Epping 55 55km (35miles) 500m 1.5/5 Beginners looking to push a bit further



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd East End Spin 63km (40miles) 500m 1.5/5 A quick spin if short on time
    Dirty Wknd Shoreditch Shuffle 70km (43 miles) 580m 2/5 Rolling hill practise
    Dirty Wknd East London Cycling Route 74km (45miles) 770m 2/5 Beautiful countryside route!



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd Essex Long Route 82km (51miles) 715m 2/5 Longer ride with few hills
    Dirty Wknd Essex 90 Route 90km (56miles) 820m 2/5 Increasing distance/riding fast!