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    London cycling group riding in Essex

    East London and Essex offers beautiful rolling lanes, perfect for anyone looking for a quick spin or to increase their mileage and escape the city.

    All of our East London routes start around Shoreditch & Hackney and head out towards Essex before returning to East London.

    Below is a very small selection of our routes. Join the community (details below) for full access to thousands more London & UK cycling routes.

    East London Road Routes:

    Route Length  Details & GPX
    Mott St Classic 40km // 320m Click Here
    Essex Lanes LMNH 60km // 530m Click Here
    Mott St & Epping Forest  65km // 620m Click Here
    Classic Towie 77km // 770m Click Here
    L'Etape London Med 83km // 765m Click Here
    Mayfield Bakery Run 91km // 840m Click Here


    Access Our Full Route Collections!

    Join the community from just £3.25 per month and you'll have access to a regularly updated London cycling route database.

    This includes must do routes like London to Cambridge, London to Southend and many more.

    Not only that but we can also create bespoke cycling routes for community members! Just join up and then get in touch.

    As well as thousands of routes you'll get access to club rides & events via the members app, and hundreds of club discounts - Full details here

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