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    Get 10 - 23% Off Jam Cycling Products Inc. Infocrank & Métier

    Jam Cycling import some of the best cycling products in the world into the UK market, including the Infocrank power meter, Métier performance kit and Kogel bearings. Best of all - they're a bunch of London cyclists who just live to ride their bikes!

    Dirty Wknd members can now get 10 - 23% off the various products that the Jam team sell. Full details of the Products and savings can be seen below:

    Verve InfoCrank Power Meter - 17% Off

    The Verve InfoCrank is the power meter of choice for Team GB athletes, due to it's accurate power measurement and a simple, stylish designed crankset. Ideal for racing or training, the InfoCrank is durable, easy to use and lightweight. 

    DW Members get 17% off this amazing product - that's a saving of £212.50! 

    Verve Infocrank Powermetre deals

    Métier Performance Kit - 10% Off

    Métier are a British kit brand that are lighting up the clothing scene with their wearable smart tech jackets and gilets. High performance fabrics and design work perfectly with the BrighRide LED technology to keep you safe, seen and looking good. 

    Dirty Wknd club members can get 10% off Métier kit through our partnership with Jam Cycling

    Metier cycling kit discount code

    Kogel Ceramic Bearings - 23% Off

    Kogel provide industry leading ceramic bearings that will keep your bike running more smoothly and lasting longer on the road than other. Ceramic bottom brackets contain coated bearings which provide less friction (making use faster) and are more durable (meaning you need to change them less frequently).

    Members get 23% off Kogel products via our Jam partnership.

    kogel ceramic bearings review

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