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    Cycling club London

    We are very proud to bring you The Dirty Wknd Members Forum. A bespoke community forum for members to chat, suggest rides/events as well and buy/sell second hand kit and parts. You can use the forum to contact members, organise social events and nights out, and there is also an in depth London cycling route database which is free for members to use.

    Members who want to use the forum just need to click this link to create a profile. Please add a photo and use your full name, so it's clear who you are. It's also helpful if you use the same log in details as your membership. If you don't wish to use the forum then that's fine, just carry on using the website as normal.

    Once you've created a profile we'll confirm your account and you can start chatting on the forum. Please read this whole document before you start using the forum so you understand the set up properly. There is also a companion app which you can download (more details below).

    Non members can create an account but they will not be accepted into the forum until they become a member. Join the club here and start using the exclusive members forum!

    Member sign up to the forum - Click Here

    London group ride

    How To Use The Forum

    Once you've created your account and have been approved, you will have full access to the community forum. You can post 'topics' in the relevant feeds (suggesting rides, listing items for sale, organising events etc), comment on posts and message other members directly. Please see below for details:


    Please suggest club rides in the 'rides section'. There are posting rules, so make sure you have a read of those before suggesting a ride. You will need to have a meet place, meet time and a route. Members who wish to join you for a spin can comment on your post to ask questions or confirm their attendance.

    Rides are split into areas of London, so please make sure you're posting in the right section (i.e. SW rides in the SW feed). It will get very confusing if people aren't following the rules, so please do adhere to them.

    Each ride section has an up to date route database for you to use for any rides, however if you want to use your own routes please go ahead - just make sure you post the Strava/Ride With GPS/Komoot link in the description.

    cycling club in London

    Trips, Events, Sportives:

    This section is for chat and questions about any upcoming events or trips. Perfect for things like building Red Bull teams or organising a club night out Or, if you want to know who else is planning on going on the upcoming Mallorca trip, this is the place to post it.

    This is also the place to post about rides you're suggesting that are longer than one day. So if you want to suggest a weekend bike packing in Wales, or a training camp in Girona, then please post it here.

    Runs & Swims:

    If you wish to organise a club run or swim, then post it here. Same rules apply as for the ride sections, so please adhere to the posting rules. If you wish to suggest a running or swimming weekend then please use the 'trips' feed.

    Buying & Selling:

    Post and comment here with items for sale or bits wanted. Cyclists amass tons of kit and bike parts in very short time, so here is a great place to flog them on to members who might need it more than you. You can also put out a request for a certain piece of kit that you are in need of, and other members can comment if they have it and are willing to part with it.

    Again please follow the posting rules and be as specific as possible - it will limit the amount of back and forth and help to sell your item much more quickly.


    This feed is for everything else. Perfect for things like looking for flatmates, kit or parts recommendations and other advice sharing. Post about whatever you like here (within reason, don't be weird!)

    Messaging Members Directly

    You can message other members directly if you wish to discuss the specifics of a post or swap details to sort out viewing or payment for an item (please don't do this is in the public domain). 

    However please don't send unsolicited messages to people you don't know. That's not what this forum is for, you will be reported and you will be banned! If you think it's not ok, it's probably not ok! Keep it friendly folks.

    Cycling in London


    What notifications you receive is up to you. If you want to be notified of all activity, you can switch on all notifications. If you just want to hear about upcoming rides, for example, you can switch off all notifications except the rides feed.

    To adjust notifications go to the topic you want to update, and click on the circle at the top of the page for options. 'Watching' or 'Tracking' means you'll get notifications for all new posts, as well as replies and @'s on this thread. 'Normal' means you'll only receive a note if someone @'s you or replies to your post. Muted means you'll receive no notifications for this feed (see pic below).

    You will be set to 'Tracking' as standard, so we'd recommend you go through the forum and set your preferences as soon as you can. You will also receive a weekly email with a round up of the weeks posts. You can opt out of this too.

    where to cycle in London


    The forum will be monitored and 'cleaned' as effectively as possible. By that we mean removing posts that are in the past (i.e. rides that have happened) or removing content that isn't relevant or we deem to be offensive. Anyone persisting in posting unsolicited content will be banned and their account deleted. We're sure this won't be necessary, but you have been warned.

    Companion App

    There is an app for the forum and it is the easiest way to use it. Once your profile is completed and approved, you can download the app and log in. Then you can continue using the app, as opposed to logging into the website each time you want to use the forum.

    Step 1 - Download the Discourse app for either Itunes or the Playstore.

    Step 2 - Open the Discourse app and hit the + sign in the top left corner. Add http://community.dirtywknd.com and then log into the forum. 

    If you wish to use the forum then please go ahead and create your account. You'll receive an email when you've been approved and can then follow the links, download the app and start using the forum.

    If you have any questions about the forum, or don't receive the approved email within a few hours, then please Email Us.

    Cycling club London