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    By signing up to Dirty Wknd club membership you are agreeing to Dirty Wknd membership terms and conditions. Please read the T&Cs for the Dirty Wknd membership subscription below:

      Club Membership:

      • Membership starts on the day the member pays their first membership fee
      • Membership fees are drawn from the account monthly or annually (depending on membership type) on the date of the initial payment
      • Membership fees will continue to be taken until the members cancels their membership
      • Cancellations must be requested by email
      • It is up to the member to cancel the membership before payment is taken
      • No refunds of membership fees taken before cancellation process has been completed

      Cancelling Membership

      Membership cancellation process consists of emailing us to request cancellation. We'll then send you a cancellation survey to complete. Once the survey has been completed your membership will be automatically cancelled and no further payments will be taken. If the cancellation process is not completed (email request and completion of survey) then membership payments will continue to be taken until the process is finalised. There are no refunds if the process is not completed by the member.

      By signing up to the Dirty Wknd club membership you are accepting the above terms and conditions. If you have any questions please email us for a chat.