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    North London Cyling Route Dirty Wknd

    Just an hour north of Central London and you can cycle in beautiful areas such as Hertfordshire and The Chilterns on quiet, undulating roads. Suburban towns like St Albans and Hertford await; as well as quaint villages such as Little Birkhamstead and Brayford.


    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd London Cycling Route - North London Beginner 50km (35miles) 500m 1/5 flat, fast and quick ride.



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd North London Cycling Route 68km (42miles) 650m 1.5/5 Undulating, quiet roads
    Hertfordshire Cycling Route Dirty wKnd 69km (42 miles) 830m 2.5/5 Hillier version of above!
    West London Cycling Route; Cycling in the Chilterns 70km (43miles) 700m 2/5 Beautiful countryside route!



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Cycle Route London to Hertfordshire 80km (50miles) 970m 2.5/5 Hilly ride to Hertford
    Cycling Route London to Hertford 90km (56miles) 1,050m 3/5 Hillier ride to Hertford!


    Click the map icon above for full route description. Click 'export' to download the GPX file to your computer. Watch this video for how to upload the GPX onto your garmin