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    Pure Ride With Chris Hoy in London
    Get 25% off Pure Ride Indoor Cycling Classes!
    No matter how much we want to ride our bikes all year round, in the UK it's just not always possible. Which is why we're so pleased to have Pure Ride on board, as they offer the best indoor cycling classes in London, and you can get 25% off!
    You have the choice of either a Tribe Ride, or a Performance Ride, and both offer amazing benefits to your overall fitness and your cycling ability. Tribe Ride is a high energy and fun workout to the beat (think dancing on bikes) with free weights and pumping tunes.
    Performance Ride has been designed by none other than Sir Chris Hoy (watch the video); combining endurance, power and lactate threshold training, it will push you to your limits and boost your cycling performance! Not only that, Pure Ride's high tech bikes will allow you to learn your FTP and max power outputs, giving you an edge when riding on the road.
    As a Dirty Wknd club member you will receive 25% off when you buy 10 sessions; an overall saving of more than £20. Sign up for the membership and start saving here.
    Pure Ride Moorgate London