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    Running FAQs

    Who can join the running events

    Absolutely anyone. We welcome all levels of runner and create groups to allow everyone to run at their desired speed. Our running events are super social, meaning that all runners will be looked after no matter what.

    How do you differentiate groups?

    Like with cycling, we use a colour coded system to create groups. All events will have a colour and average speed in the details, so please check the specific event for group/speed details. 

    • Blue = beginner. You're a blue level runner if you're new to running in a group, or if you prefer to run at a slower/steady pace. Blue groups are very social, covering less distance at a slower average speed (roughly 7-8 min/KM), with plenty of regrouping.
    • Yellow = Novice. You might be new to running, or just like to run at a social pace. Yellow groups will aim to average around 6 - 6.5 min/KM, depending on the route. There will also be less regrouping than blue groups.
    • Orange = Intermediate. Orange groups will aim to average 4.5-5.5 min/KM. They are still social, but as the pace is higher there will be less regrouping than yellow, and will likely go a bit further, again depending on the route.
    • Red = Advanced. You should be a competent runner if you wish to join a Red run, as they aren't 'no drop'. The planned average pace will normally be 4 - 5 min/KM, with regrouping at the end of the run if needed. Red groups are for more serious runners who want to get in a really good workout.

    The above will vary for off-road/trail running, but groups and pace will be clear in the event details.

    What are the different speeds of the running groups?

    We measure speeds in minutes per kilometre (as above). This means how many minutes it will take you to cover a kilometre, which can be expanded to work out how long a particular run will take. If you run a 6 min kilometre, then a 10km run will take 60 minutes. 6 mins per kilometre x 10 = 60 mins for a 10km run.   

    What equipment will I need?

    You shouldn't need much equipment for a group run. We recommend cash/card in case of emergencies (and for a post run coffee/beer:) and an extra layer/waterproof just in case. If you need water/energy snacks then it's up to you to bring them. If the run is off-road we'd recommend trail running shoes, but they're not mandatory. 

    Some events will have a 'bag drop' meaning you can leave things at the start/end point. It will say in the specific event details if this is the case.

    Click this link to read google reviews from real members and customers and learn about their experiences riding with us - Google Reviews

    Any other questions about cycling or running, or the Dirty Wknd community then email us or jump on live chat (below).