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    South East London Cycling Routes

    South East London is a climbers playground! With Biggin, Toys and Ide Hill all a short cycle away, it's the perfect place to practice riding hills, and to really challenge yourself. Hills are the best way to improve your strength, confidence and overall fitness, and South East London/Kent is the place to do it!

    Click the map icon below for full route description. Click 'export' to download the GPX file to your computer. Watch this video for how to upload the GPX onto your garmin


    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    South East London Biggin Hill Cycle 38km (23miles) 390m 1/5 Short beginner ride
    Dirty Wknd Biggin Hill Cycling Route 46km (28miles) 570m 1.5/5 Hillier beginner ride



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd Kent Two Towers Cycling Route 60km (35miles) 770m 2.5/5 Moderate hill training
    Dirty Wknd Biggin 2 Toys Cycling Route 66km (37miles) 980m 3/5 Tough hill training



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd Kentish climbing School 74km (46miles) 1,050m 3.5/5 Hills Hills Hills
    Dirty Wknd Kent 3 Peak Surprise
    74km (46miles)
    4/5 Kent's 3 peaks!
    Dirty Wknd Race to the Velo House 110km (68miles) 1,600m 4/5 Hills + best cycling
    cafe in South!