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    South West London Cycling Routes

    You don't need us to tell you that South West London and Surrey are famous when it comes to cycling.  The 2012 olympic road race, and the huge Surrey 100 sportive that followed, have firmly put Surrey on the cycling map. Starting in Richmond Park, our South West routes head out into the Surrey Hills or Windsor Great Park and take in some of the best cycling in the country.

    Click the map icon below for full route description. Click 'export' to download the GPX file to your computer. Watch this video for how to upload the GPX onto your garmin


    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd Richmond & Bushy Parks Loop 27km (17miles) 200m 0.5/5 Beginner road riding
    Building confidence
    Dirty Wknd Surrey Stroll 50km (30miles) 400m 1.5/5 Getting out of the Park
    Going a bit further



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd Easy East Horsley Cycling Route 63km (36miles) 500m 2/5 Slightly longer ride
    Dirty Wknd Windsor Cycling Route 80km (50miles) 490m 2/5 Long & flat ride
    Building distance
    Dirty Wkns/QOM Surrey Route Short 76km (47miles) 670m 2.5/5 Quiet roads,
    Good climbs
    Dirty Wknd Wkd Windsor Long
    93km (58miles) 680m 3/5 Long ride
    Low elevation



    Route Map (click)  Distance  Elevation Rating Good for...
    Dirty Wknd Andrew Cowderoy Fitness Ride 83km (51miles) 990m 3.5/5 Hills & great
    coffee stop
    Dirty Wknd & QOM Bike & Brunch Long
    86km (53miles)
    3.5/5 Whitedown hill
    Good elevation
    Dirty Wknd Box Hill Cycling Route 88km (54miles) 1,020m 4/5 Nice approach
    to Box Hill
    Dirty Wknd Ranmore to Box Hill Cycling Route 93km (58miles) 1,150m 4/5 Hilly approach
    to Box Hill!