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    Online training plan for cycling

    Get 15% Off SPOK'D Online Training Platform

    A training plan can be a great way to improve your fitness, cycling ability and give you a bit of structure in a sometimes hectic week. Finding the time to ride and train can be tough, so having a handy, clear plan that you've created based on your schedule is a great way to ace your training goals.

    However training plans are for pro cyclists only, right? So many numbers, so many stats. What if you don't know your FTP, or what that even means? What if you don't have a power metre? Well, one of the good things about SPOK'D is that you don't need all this to get started. If you've got all the gear then great, but if you don't have or know these things you can still use the online platform to improve your cycling.

    The other good news is that it's just £9.99 per month for a personalised, useable and easy to understand training plan that updates as you train. The better news is that Dirty Wknd club members get 15% off the monthly fee. Just click on the link below to log into the members forum to access the unique discount.

    Click here to access the Members Forum

    What Is SPOK'D?

    "SPOK’D is more than just a cycling software tool. It's your cycling coach. It’s a smarter way to train" according to founder, ex pro cyclist Rich Lang. "Riders who train with SPOK’D make their time on the bike more efficient than before." 

    "Every week your plan adapts to you, based on your diary commitments and training progress. SPOK'D adjusts your training plan, based on 4 key variables: The planned workload v. completed workload, how the training felt, your energy levels and your sleep patterns. This ensures you get the balance between work v. rest in your riding. To get faster on the bike, it’s not about going harder. It’s about being smarter."

    Dirty Wknd members can access this awesome 15% discount by logging into the Members Forum to find the unique link

    Who Can Use SPOK'D

    Anyone who loves cycling and wants to add a bit of structure to their training. If you have a power metre and heart rate monitor and all the gear then great, but if you don't then that's no problem either. SPOK'D can use 'Rate of Perceived Exertion' to track your workouts and update your plan

    How Much Does It Cost

    SPOK'D is £9.99 per month to the general public, and Dirty Wknd members get 15% off this for good measure. So for £8.50 per month, you get access to a personalised plan, online coach and regular feedback. Pretty good, when most other coaches and plans can run into the 100s. You also get a 14 day trial when signing up and can cancel at any time.

    Members can access the unique discount in the Members Forum. If you want to read more about SPOK'd you can check out Dirty Wknd founder David's blog about getting started with the platform

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