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    Getting a Bike Fit in London

    Get 15% off Bike Fit, 20% off Workshop Labour & 10% off Parts

    A professional bike fit is the best money you can spend to improve your comfort, power and enjoyment whilst out on the bike. Not only that it will help to prevent injuries in the future if you begin to get into road cycling. 

    Super Domestique are based in Shoreditch and offer a professional bike fit service, with you being very much at the heart of the process. You can read our experience of getting a bike fit with Elliot here. We highly recommend you get in touch with them to discuss how a bike fit might benefit you. 

    Plenty of our members have now had a bike fit at Super Domestique and are already seeing the benefits. Sign up as a Dirty Wknd member in order to access the huge discounts above.

    Dirty Wknd Club Membership Bike Fit

    Why a Bike Fit is the Best Money You Can Spend